Clocks for the metaverse


Hi, my name is César and I'm the watchmaker of NüCLK Boutique

At the beginning of 2017 I started my journey through the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, I have done several experiments on Bitcoin and Ethereum and now I'm currently experimenting with NFTs

In 2021 I discovered many beautiful projects of onchain NFTs, where dark wizards dedicate their time and effort in building wonderful objects based on SVG and javascript, so I have decided to create this project as a tribute to all those people who have given me the tools and knowledge to create my own onchain NFT clock

Humans have been building clocks for centuries, from sundials to smart watches, and now we have the unique opportunity to create digital objects that will last for centuries in the blockchain

NüCLK is not a generative art project, this is an NFT Boutique of 100% handcrafted and unique NFT clocks, created with love by me and my NFT frens, to give you the opportunity to have one of the most amazing digital objects in the NFT space


Supply of 40 (mint closed)

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Mint will open soon

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